He came, he played, he missed a penalty

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With no interviews lined up for day six of the vegas2venice project we took the chance to meet up with the Fasthosts crew at the 1und1 football tournament in Karlsruhe. Me and Scotty set off at 8am to drive the four and a half hours from Interlaken to Karlsruhe. The film crew stayed behind in Interlaken until later to get in a bit of extra filming in the Alps.

We won’t bore you with the details but Fasthosts B team went out first round but did score a goal. The Fasthosts A team made it through to the semi-finals and lost on penalties, no prizes for guessing who took the last penalty. Up steps Scotty to dribble a shot to the keeper’s right that my gran could have chucked her hat on.

Still, they had free food and beer so not a complete waste of time.

We’re currently in Saarbrucken, Germany, about 600 meters from the French boarder and a short drive from Luxembourg, where we are heading to tomorrow.

With only two days left we are close to the end of the road.

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