One purple beer please

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The end of this incredible trip is nearing. Today we headed from Saarbrucken to Bruges. When we arrived in Bruges the city was bustling and the sun was setting. Our accommodation for the night was Charlie Rockets, a hostel in the centre of town. The hostel is a really cool little place filled with hundreds of random objects that hostel residents have left over the years.

We quickly checked in and headed into town to film our final interview of me and Griff discussing the trip and reflecting on the last seven days. It has been a crazy, exciting, and inspiring journey. It wasn’t until we sat down to think about what we’ve been doing for the last week that the epic challenge we set ourselves began to sink in, how much we’ve learnt, and how worthwhile it has been.

We wrapped up the interview just after 9pm and headed back to Charlie Rockets to celebrate the end of the interviews. After chatting to Brom, the hostel barman, we agreed to try their special cherry flavoured beer (we came to the conclusion that the fruity drink did count as part of our “five-a-day”). We met two American’s in the bar called Amanda and Casey who are both nurses working with HIV+ people, small world, it was also their first night in Bruges and so we decided to move on to a local Irish Bar where we joined in with the traditional folk partying.

The night rolled on and we rolled into our beds. The sweet smell of home is drawing closer.

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