The end of the beginning

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Chapter One – 2,500 miles, 9 countries, 8 days, 1 incredible journey.

The road has come to an end. The journey has been long. It’s hard to describe the last eight days. It has been the most challenging week of our lives and yet also the most beautiful. At times it has been breathtaking, absurd, and surprising. The HIV+ people we’ve interviewed have opened up to us and given us such a remarkable insight into their lives. The bad times and the good. From being discriminated against and watching the people they love die in front of their eyes, to bringing about revolution and changing government policy.

We’ve learnt that HIV/AIDS is a disease that has a complex history throughout Europe and that there is hope that the story of HIV/AIDS will someday come to an end.

When we began this documentary we set out with the aim of helping people relate to those affected by HIV/AIDS by focussing on the side of the story that those with the disease wanted to tell. Focussing on people’s passions, what makes them who they are, and not being defined by an illness.

At the end of this journey we’ve realised that no matter what plans, objectives, or aims it is not us that takes a trip, a trip takes us. We met people, saw places, heard stories, and discovered so many things that were never planned or arranged.

Thank you for following the first chapter of the vegas2vegas project. It’s been a blast.

Take it steady.

A special thank you to all those who have supported us on this trip, to the interviewees Romain, Frankie, Holger, Guido and Rosaria, to Fasthosts for being our Official Sponsor, to Nokia for product sponsorship, to our family, friends, and everyone else who’ve shared our story.

“It’s not where you came from, it’s where you’re going that counts.”

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    Thinking like that is really impressive!


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