What Next?

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It’s been a little while since we updated anyone on our plans and so here is a quick summary of all things vegas2vegas…

We’re currently keeping ourselves busy creating a short animated film called Marv (working title), more details of which we’ll be releasing very soon.

Elixir Media, the production company behind vegas2venice, are mid flow editing the vegas2venice documentary and we can’t wait to see a preview of that.

We’ve two screenings for the documentary which will be taking place in Norwich and Ross Vegas and a three part online premiere of the film. Accompanying the online film will be an interactive micro-site that will bring together all the pictures, unseen footage, stories, and behind the scenes content from the vegas2venice project.

Later this year we aim to turn the Marv film into a children’s book with both a hard copy and an iPad version. Considering the longest book either of us has read is Where’s Wally? we felt a story aimed at 7 to 9 year olds was the safest bet.

Looking further into the horizon we have plans for a big social study website next year but we’re keeping that one under our hats for now!

What? When? Where?
  • Marv – October 2012
  • Vegas2venice – November 2012
    • Norwich Premiere
    • Ross Vegas Premiere
    • Online Premiere
  • Children’s book – December 2012
  • Social Study website – Summer 2013

To stay updated on all the goings on check out our Facebook page and Twitter profile. Cheers people!

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